Unknown belief in my childhood

fascinated in a hidden love,

i could never have understood

or known the miracle of…


A power only unique to man

can be sense in the sound

which travels all the land

i have found homeward bound..


Hidden within this mysteries

purr of diesel-electric,

a future felt in it energy

i’m attracted like a magnet!


A love for these creature of steel

yet!  Never worked or rode legally,

find this magickal fascination unreal.

What about the outcome

of this hidden destiny?


As all those engines in a row rev-up

a sudden release of pent-up air,

they’re speaking a hidden language

only a childlike mind could make-up!

Question those machines of steel

if you dare!


As my childlike mind creatively wonders

in this manmade steel, even today’s world

does not reveal..

It’s creativeness flows as a storm like thunder,

as my childlike mind marvels in the unique

man made steel and my loving wonder!….

The piece inspired by

where i’ve been


for sometime now

and also where

i’ve lived

throughout most of

my life

above the CNN railroad!

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