Shake a Hand

A dancing

childhood dream,

concert after concert

was my

manhood theme..


To shake the hand


an idealized band.

i’ve always

had the desire too


this marvaless performing



Standing front stage,

on the last-night

of their touring date..


He reached down

to shake my hand,

as i gazed back


Those deep blue eyes,

in that moment,

there was only

two souls throughout,

the whole damn land

me and my memory…

This piece inspired by

a long ago memory…

David Bowie

was filming a Video

playing several nights,

doing what crazy youth do,

i went all the nights

standing front stage

just to shake his hand…

The next video

is the original

David Bowie..

1 Comment

  1. Your artwork is incredible! As is your taste in music. 😉

    Wish I had had the sense to follow my musical loves around when I was young enough to do it. Many great memories I’m sure.

    Thank you for sharing. Peace.


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