Drifting in tomorrow

flowing out

of the distant past,


throughout the day…


Moving in our

trick of time

growing alongside

the beauty

of nature’s passionflower..


All anybody, really


The now moment!

So in keeping

live, love and play



This piece inspired


a conversation with

a young man

at Starbucks!


    1. Funny that you would say; “young boy?” i believe he was a youngman, however a very old soul!

      An interesting thought, may i ask,
      what persuaded, you to answer in that manner?

      kisses chris


      1. You associated the beauty of youth with passionflower and your poem almost mixes in with something I wrote yesterday… The dawn of youth… I somehow thought the young-man you met is a old soul… I called him young boy instead because in his heart, I know he is one.

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    1. i wrote “tick at first, then decided to change to trick.. just something this strange drug addict does, having not learn proper writing skills..

      kiss and hisses chris

      Ps; i leave you, three winks, a couple of blinks and a soft kiss on your forehead!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It fits the poem perfectly, for time is indeed a thievery, and a trickery! 🙂
        Thank you for your winks, blinks and kiss! Much love to you! >3

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  1. Love how your art is inspired by your fleeting, yet heartfelt contact, with living, breathing, human beings. These is the best kind of poetry, for each one you write serves as a way to preserve that beautiful momentary encounter for all-time.

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