Celebration of Life

As i dance

and lovingly sing

my way


the midnight city…


Moving cautiously

within society


through humanity…


A childlike toad

walks on the waves

which now storms

in living life,

upon a very creative


as to be so conceitedly

honestly bold…


Riding on a storm

of imagination,


and loving life..

May that man-made god

see my celebration…

This piece inspired


the daily life


a toad!

i’ve created

a bonus

Image Video


music from

The Doors, Riders On The Storm…


      1. Hey Chris 🙂 So from the side of traditional Western medical training (its focus being limited to the physical sciences and psychology), I would have to say that there is not much quantifiable, testable evidence in the area of psychic abilities…at least not much that is recognized by any respectable medical community. However, from a personal perspective, I do not doubt in the least that there are people who possess extrasensory perception and are able to act on it. So as a physician, I would have to say “no, it doesn’t exist”…while inwardly thinking “yeah…it probably does.”

        I hope this at least partly answers your question… lol. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks, that helps a great deal…

        The reason being somehow i’ve been cursed with such, some day much stronger than others, however i, myself even find it hard to believe?

        i sure would like to know?

        You know it started when i thought people were talking about me, and began answering, to find out that there weren’t, however i was here thoughts and or inwarded conversations..

        For the longest time it was driving me crazy, until i began to pay attention, because you talk about this shit to a doctor or in the hospital an they want to lock you up..

        Nonetheless i now believe that some people have a healthy fear, for a long while i was touch people psychically, i guessed word spread fast, what i hate most is that people are always touching me..

        Believe it or not, i hate that i’ve stumbled upon this now it doesn’t go away, i have to work at being normal, even a small thought is scary…

        kiss kiss chris

        Ps; i’ve test it in live chat, distant doesn’t play a role, psychic wise you could be on the other side of the world..

        Even those whom have the same curse stay away from me… leaving no place to learn…

        i don’t think i should be chatting about this shit openly, gotten in trouble before..


      3. january 21 2016, i sorry doc, i need to end our conversation and or questions? You were a great deal of help…

        Something has happen, where i had a shocking experience…

        kiss kiss chris


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