Thank you city of Vancouver (Losing it all!)



i’ve been squatting where i have marked on the above map, for almost three years..  Without trouble or any other problems..


Today after coming back from shopping for groceries, i’m stop by a women officer and there are city workers loading everything into dumptrucks!


Now said officer, has informed me that they have visited several times, which is UNTRUE, for the simple fact i would have moved..


i ask the officer if i could go, an see if there is anything left, that i could salvage? She says “NO!”


So on that note, i turn and walk away…


Now i’ve been camped there for sometime, right across from the police station, you’re telling me that they didn’t know i was there…  lol lol lol


Five generations my family has been in this city…


i wonder if the person whom made the decision to remove me at this date, has ever lost everything they’ve own?  They sit in their fat offices with high governmental salaries, sucking their thumbs!


Thank you city of Vancouver!

chris jensen



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