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      1. You, er, hint at that in some of your poetry…
        I’ve been wanting to ask you – is it difficult to putain dans privé on the streets of Vancouver?
        There you go, a nice french phrase.
        Damn! You’ve got me looking up french swear words when I’m meant to be posting a poem…

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      2. See, that’s what I mean – I can’t see your eyes or what your body’s saying, so I don’t know whether you’re being crude – not that I’ve got a problem with you being crude, I just like to know…

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      3. For some reason, every guy I get involved with wants to marry me, and that’s not what I want. I get manipulated into situations it’s hard to get out of. I like living alone and I’m unlikely to fall in love. All that is why I choose to be celebate. Not perfect, but better than the alternative.

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