Panning Addiction

Believing gift

passing coins

those sitting

or panning..


i didn’t know


had a drug habit…


Feeding your addict

or feeding theirs…

What the hell

do i even care!


i can’t say;

that haven’t sat!


those rainy days,

Panning for my addict

lying about

the use of money

to those

that pitch in!


Tossing a coin

or two…

This piece inspired


those assholes

seated outside, panning

what seems like every coffeeshop

which i choose to have my

morning coffee..

Bonus Image Video,

Black Magic Woman Gypsy Queen Carlos Santana.


    1. Funny thing, i know this guys, seems there is no way to rid my life within seeing them..

      i forever cleaning up their mess, not to say that i don’t create messes myself…

      cheers chris


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