Life Continues

The tightening

of a world

seen throughout

the faces

within those whom i

pass on by..


Fear not!

We’ll pull throughout

holding tight

as in,

a new sun-rise

burning light..


Those whom

have the most to lose,


those such as i

as we’re seen

silently hidden

within a blind eye..


Flowing within society

unlike those

struggling within



Hold tight

the sun will continue

too burn bright!

Let your fears

take flight


as the darkness

flowing night…

This piece inspired


the reading of those

hidden thoughts written

on the faces,

which i pass on by!


    1. All purely by accident..

      Only finishing grade six, hated english…




      now can’t stop write, whether go or bad just keep typing along, my favourite is creating those images.. Sometimes it seems like magick!


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