Soaring Free

Walking a day


as those soaring


Within a blink

and a flash


cuffed by those

with the golden key!

As i creatively


a golden plea..

Stating within

a falsely smile.

“It was not me, officer!”

Inner peace

destroyed by

fun loving police

as i wipe

a salty tear

from my childlike


To be a happy ending

to this honestly

true story.

Set free

by a women officer..

To wander the world

was again

as the birds soar freely….

Lake of fire

wandering desire!

As i walkabout,

once again

within my own, peacefully…

This piece inspired


my brief moment

with the Vancouver Police..

Yes they did have me

in handcuffs for waving a knife,

at a nosing around street person!

Whom then called the police

while four cars an eight officers

had a little discussion with me?


street asshole

paybacks are a bitch!

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