Silent Mannequin

Flowing world’s


within a quiet night..


in a storefront window

looking out!

She’s people watching

a naked mannequin

Howling gale of beauty

no modesty

goddess of love

an angelick sight..


Watching within

her glass eye

as society

throughout humanity

do ambling saunter


strolls on by…


Quiet an still throughout

fast moving, slow

turning world..

As she drifts

back into her standing



Personally i have no idea,

what inspired me

in this piece of written work..

Here one of my favourite Musicians

Autotune Baby, Madonna..


    1. Thank you!

      This old friend,

      Mr. Woodvine,

      One day said, “why don’t you start a blog”, an i said, “what’s a blog?”

      Mr. Woodvine, thought it was a joke, believing i won’t last a year..

      Well several years an many blogs, i’m still here!

      Honestly true story…

      Mr. Woodvine an i don’t talk any more, he won’t even answer my e-mails..


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      1. 😄😄 blogging brings the best out of us; no matter what we were before, it transforms us into something so new that “lasting” changes in “enjoyment”. It’s not something that binds us but something that we hold onto forever. 😊

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      2. Distance doesn’t mean a thing, sex does either…

        Funny not many men are equal to women, however blogging helps men learn, as some dropping their manly masks…

        i believe blogging works it’s magick within those male bloggers..

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah, maybe. I have seen how art can make men vulnerable to their own needs. But they are more understanding than others I have experienced. And that’s how I believe blogging also helps in discovering the depths of our soul helping to wear off that manly mask.


      4. Yeah, what really is sad, is when a women is not aware of her womanly powers!

        You know that i’m a male, over i’m a child, trapped in a man’s body with magick on my side..

        i see myself as very equal…

        Maybe different, less material things, now more of the understand is only material, ifinn it’s a need i always get it back!

        Now for wants, well different story…

        Damn i hate that…


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      5. Well, yeah maybe. We all are diff people with diff perspective trapped in bodies. It’s how we each use our magic and discover whosoever we might wanna be irrespective of being a male or a female. I’m a girl and I do understand that from my pint of view.

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      1. You, know i keep directing people towards his blog, yet he still won’t write me into his street people section…

        Possibly a little pissed at how easy i grow my count..

        From zero, each time too!

        (Damm i love using the double “OOs”!)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Do you really think he affects my life,

        you couldn’t more farther from the truth,

        i don’t care if he lives or dies…

        It is i renting space in his head, not him renting space in my head..

        you asked a question i answered!

        i don’t mind stop following…


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