City Glow

Answers within

a worldly flow..

Honestly driven

inner city glow..


Floating free,

higher than

those humble,

bumble bee’s..

Taller than those

old, bold, oak tree’s..

As far as a, crow see’s

Lost in a hidden,

creative fantasy…


Just lying within

a hidden meadow

found high

upon a plateau..


Drink an ice cold


smoking some drugs

taking life

in so very, very

very slow…


This piece inspired


moments after make this post,

i will be on the way

too a childhood park

where i will do as is


    1. i’m sorry, smoking just a little weed, is a big step for a hard drug user…

      You see there was a time three months back, when i was shooting dope all i could get..

      Now i’m conducting a little science project?

      For myself, possibly those concerned…



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