Missy Moment

She dragged me in

full of honesty

laughing, supportively…

As she then release a faintly painted

sexual grin..


Tossed me to the floor

smiling, as she turned

from locking the door..

Emotionally horned

i began too eroticaly burn,


Now i was about to playfully learn…


Pouncing swiftly

mysteriously undress..

Her soft loving caress

seated legs spread

sexually abreast..

i welcome her

as in, all our bareness

it was no contest..

Sadly, shyfully, bashfully

i leave the rest,

to your darken imagination

or a simple playful guess…


Questionably hidden as a test?


This piece written

in fun loving

sexual kindness

and playful imagination


      1. i’m just a little in awe, about your passion in reading what i write…

        A little insecure grade six education, even though i some how made it to the beginning of nine..

        Strange childhood…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks, what a scary word “character”…

        Here’s something funny, only now can i spell that word right, it took some time…

        May your weekend be full of magickal desires..


        Liked by 1 person

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