Who am i,

i am the whispering


rustling those dead leaves..

i am the erotic kiss

of passionate pleasure


a baby’s first breath..

i am also the breath

of a newborn child,

as a river of blood

floating domicile…

i am the father

of death,

whom places

you all to rest..

i am a forgotten


drifting in life

in your nightmare


i am the sum

of all these!

And much,

much more..

i am, creativity

painting a world

from sea to sea..

where all can live

happily free…

This piece is a reblog

of an earlier poem…


      1. When I read this is was sitting on our deck looking out into the lake. The wind was both warm and cool as it kicked up and rustled the leaves. Storm clouds were rolling in but the sun was still brightly shinning in the west. I was surrounded by many contrasts…..

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Lot’s of interesting topics,

      i’m not one for a long read,

      short an sweet is what like…

      Have you heard the term link bait,

      good way to attract followers for your type of posting…



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