Stolen Words

i am a child

throwing rocks, upon society

into the stream of humanity..


the rushing water.

Raising a fist

daring fate

to do it’s worst..

We’re dancing upon

the waves

of the ocean.

Swaying time


the tide…


as i pivot

my current,

one an only friend..

She is the sun

raising us

across hell’s canyon..

As we’re ascending

an shining down

upon hell’s gate.

Our shadows

giving the illusion

of perception an motion..

Our thoughts


in the rolling river..


over our rocky souls,

shaping, forming, conforming..

We are the peace

of the rainbow forest..

Basking in quiet solitude

soaking-up all

the tranquil, serene, transfixing

ageing angles..

Reflecting our thoughts within..

Newborn stars dripping,


as we shake them off..

We are the dust, creating,

galaxies driven

in the solar wind..

Wandering, searching,

as our love

storms within…

This piece was stolen

an created using


of Tosha Michelle.


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