Governmental game,

ring around the rosy…

A machine gone lame…

We as the common people

Listen to common babble

From governmental dribble

It’s no wonder we’ve become

extremely, emotionally, hateful..

Passed from one hand,

onto another useless hand..

Stumbling lost in profanity..

As a broken machine of humanity

drives simple society

into their diluted insanity…


      1. Check your settings. You may have inadvertently turned it off. Without it I cannot give you reblogs. (Assuming you want them and the wider audience they bring you.)

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      2. Well, that’s odd. still did not see it. Looked at your Aug 24th post “Orphan” as well as an older post. Did not see it in either place. 😦


      3. I have seen this happen to other blogs and even to one of my own once. Reblog gets turned off, sometimes accidentally and sometimes through what I will call “WordPress weirdness” (that has happened to me). If you no one tells you what is going on, then you are oblivious to the problem. It is a bit like having food in your beard…. 🙂

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