1. That’d be nice, if you wouldn’t mind posting it to me…
        What the fuck are you doing on the streets, messing about with gear? It was the reason I took an interest in your blog to start with, but isn’t it a crap way to live?

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      2. Right – I get it.
        We have a lot of street-sleepers around here, and there’s a derelict railway line on the edge of town where quite a few people live in tents. Most of them seem no less happy than anybody else. I guess the stresses are different. There are nice things that you can’t do, and there are irritating things that you don’t have to do.

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      3. I guessed that, but it doesn’t change anything. I’m always impressed by achievements. I’m impressed by your blog, and so are a lot of other people. Your words have their own kind of magic.

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      4. That’s a deep one. I believe if we lived by Christ’s teachings there’d be no hunger and no hatred. As for God, I don’t know – the God I read about in the Bible admitted he was jealous, and yet he also said jealousy was a sin. How could a perfect God commit a sin? And there are a few other things that bother me… I’ve studied it, and it’s complicated.
        How about you?

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      5. A lot of people still need Christianity – it’s a safe addiction – saves you from the needle when the needle gets too big.
        I agree – man made God, which means that man is God, but he doesn’t know it, and anyway he’s split into millions of crazy pieces, so he has no power.
        That’s what I wanted to say last might, but I was too tired to find the words.

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      6. You know it’s funny, i’ve looked at the NorthShore Mountain an Burrard Inlet, for 57 years, my father died in the Caribbean on a boat cruise, when she came back she kicked me out, i was only there any because father was nearing his end..

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      7. Only by law, they never slept together or had sex, paid for everything separate, although my father pay the house bills an food bill..

        She couldn’t pay off her condo!

        So morally she was just a maid, an stolen everything she could get her hand onto, accept the house…

        Now that’s another story,

        (she said, that she owns the house, however i checked, the house is in mine an my fathers name, Raymond Christopher Jensen…

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