Rock Mountain

Live locomotive power

peppering short blast of air,

nothing is humanly grander..


Two or more engines idle

ground shaking stability,

rumble their harmonious cycle..


How i’ve grown, loving

those diesel electric train

faint whisper, my ears ringing..


In all their majesty as moving

people, freight, across a world..

Hundred year, nothing to improve!


Throughout night, the lining of freight

bang an crash, quietly for hours

men which keep a world an engines lubcate..


Storm of energy coming out of idle

as a mile long train begin a journey

through nature in relentless battle..


The sounding purr, of the engines sitting ide,

sporadic loud blast of air,

continuous rapid air releases, spitting..

i grew up on Wall Street

below the backyard was the train tracks

then Burrard Inlet,

train became apart of life..

So when they are not there,

a soft loving loss…

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