Enemies Laughter

Dreams of a rivers of laughter

raining nature, falling leaves

full of anger, loving answer..


Life living breeze dangerously

as humanity set free! To sleep afraid

adding time, electrically, erotic bootee…


Again an again, a magical, personal

experience..  Knowingly true,

in soft black an white, created charcoal..

With friend like mine,

whom needs enemies!

Always playing with

my loving weakness…


      1. I am too busy deep-dicking your mother to respond to your messages. You look like an unhinged fascist who has 3 Donald Trump lawn signs.

        Your poetry is subpar and, quite frankly, you need to be in a room with padded walls. Find something better to do than to message strangers. I will not be responding anymore after this … so from here on out you will be shadow-boxing.

        People like you are the reason we need to increase funding for our mental health system.


      2. People like, can just fuck of nigger,

        because your type are so high oneself,

        you hold back to progress of humanity…

        i move within the world son

        I wonder ifinn you learned, all this shit off Mr. senorita

        Sign on the lawn, you’re really fucked up…

        Hell, i should join a clan, cum for your fucking head to burn,

        You see young lad, i’ve been burned to to the stake 96 time, by the second pope, whom cheats death..

        So as Kid Rock would say FUCK OFF……..


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