Charming elegant

night out dancing

darling little surprise!


Those first impressions

Stomach full of butterfly

hit the road carmel action…


What are you drinking?

Hey!  Place is bumpin,

so guess what i’m think?


Drinks, treats dance,

eroticly all night long.

Baby we’re in a trance…


Surprise, she not a chick!

To my knees, i lift up her

mini skirt, suck on dick…


Home passionale fun,

erotic down soft sex,

morning had to run…


  1. Kinda funny 😂.. and fun..

    It happens so much these days..
    some guys 👀 looks so much like girls. Gorgeous.. and sophisticated and even exquisite….

    And with a few drinks 🍹 you won’t know the difference …

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