Spirit of Love

Dancing hell the silence of a thought ringing of the bell…

Source: Spirit of Love


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      1. The ears once heard even whispers
        Somehow the heart was heavy bro
        Could not even hear a scream
        Apologize for the cause

        Well why think we have to go
        Even don’t even know when we came
        Just flow with the flow
        Is nature of Buddha

        The door of coming and of going
        Will always be the same
        Just like two sides of a coin
        Life and death part of journey

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      2. Foreseen many times
        And many times we will
        Debates will be there
        As mind rules the heart
        In the so called society we are
        Humanity is far behind
        Then what we have done
        In this world of ours
        Gates will always be there
        In a dream within a dream
        Because these Gates are reality
        Not just dreams

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      3. Truly far behind,
        creative child
        within society
        placement in humanity,
        storm the waves
        of time..

        The growing childlike
        hidden within their own
        have become the titlewave
        flowing throughout


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