Zenthking, moved cautiously

across a well

hidden path…

His crystalline vision

see’s all,

throughout the cool

silent, moonlight..


Peering across the underbrush

sight unseen,

lost in the distant..

A dwarven army

stomping gawkingly

through the distant



Weary from travel…

Feeling anxious

about the distant time

apart from

his elven clan…


Happily back,

from a future portal

A ever reminding thought

occurs deep, in that brilliant elfen mind,

as the hours moved by

while he digests, thee overwhelming



Also stepping through

this dangerous portal..

Never, ever knowing,

when or where one ends up?


He climb upon

his winged ride

one of the very few


set off to rendezvous

with family…


As destiny his’

winged ride set off..

Zenthking look across

a star blue horizon

as a pair of golden moons

began to appear..


A moments memories

slowly took surface, of the strange


through the future portal…



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