Waiting, whispering

dream… Hidden

doors, silently seen…


Knocky knocky

nine doors, children

of clay..

Fun loving dream.

Bright, shinning, slow whispering day..


Warm night’s

as now those children

stay out to play…

Bonding friendship

hidden within

a simple game…


Memories lasting

forever…  A lifetime within

as these children memories

quietly hidden

within their faces…

Painted in their honest

an emotional reflection…






2 thoughts on “ReflectionOfMemories

    1. By mistake i’ve started so many blogs,

      never keeping the URL, big mistake…

      To shorten the story, you know, i either can’t remember or have no idea,
      why i choose deletedangel?

      i hope that made some sense, because it made none to me…

      Liked by 1 person

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