Mr. and Mrs. Lions

Mountain view

echoing screams

guarding our city


within our midnight

loving dreams..


Yeah you!


Mr. & Mrs. Lions

coastal range

your majesty

we quietly enjoy

an the lov

we quietly exchange…


With your white

winter blanket, refreshing

our drinking water streams,

kissing our daytime dreams…


Twin peaks

within the Vancouver


bespeak the antiques

a loving view

Vancouverites honestly



Mr. and Mrs. Lions

Mr and Mrs Lions

Mr. and Mrs. Lions-1q


i´ve lived on Wall Street Vancouver,

British Columbia, Canada,

all my childhood life..

Every day i would see the Lion Mountain Ranger

out any of the back windows of the house…

Now that my father has passed away,

i´m not able to enter my childhood home

until the maid dies…

Fifty-Nine years i looked a the Lion Mountain Range,

now canadian law keeps me from

my inheritance…


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