Questing power

with an unkind attitude

security companies,


our empowered…


i´m sitting

an stealing a little

wifi…  In a place,

i´ve always gone…

Answering comments

within the blogging


i know!  Watching

life by,

before i pack-up

an move on…


Security, wonders

in…  Whom i never seen

in all those years

in this place i´ve been…


Next thing you know, a war

of words…  This security guard

is honestly disturbed..


i pack-up an leave

wheeling down the street

then would you believe?

i´m in handcuffs..


I just stop,

in a place i’ve always


To answer comment

in the early morning dawn…




Paladin Security,

guard with a bad


Security company-in question


    1. Thanks, i´ll see ifinn i can find another place… Nonetheless it´s only material… Which at some point never had in the first place…


      i hope business is going well for you an your staff…


      Liked by 1 person

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