Trapped inside

pulled out of the hood



they quietly cried…


Tis seen, too

many friends,

whom emotionally died

pulled of their pride,

silently hidden

in a corner..


Throughout their dried up tears

they cried…


Trapped their medicated…

Dribble drugs,


Doctor in scrubs

has adjudicate…


Trapped outside,

one blind eye,

silently i cried…


Now can you,









    1. The piece was mostly inspired by;

      a women i knew on the street,

      they placed her into the hospital,
      for what ever reason…

      i´ve know her an we´re party or used drugs together in the hood…

      i´ve never seen her a sedated like i’ve seen these last few days at McDonalds…

      The power of Doctors an Government,
      can sometimes,
      astound me…

      Now on another note;

      i´ve seem some old guy in old age homes,
      whom can manage balancing there dribble drugs with caffeine…

      An Very well, i must add…

      cheers chris

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