No Heaven

Heavy persuasion

dark dissolution

creative illumination..


Whispering eye

lustfully we tried..

As we prayed

for death,

in unusable ways…


Tis a mind’s window

tear driven eyes..

Searching for lov

an drugs, throughout  the elegant

dancing waltz,

soft driven desire..

To get high…


Sorted treasure

laughter an lov..

Life’s hidden pleasure.

Lost an driven

from god’s heaven..




Turned away


high above….

No Heaven

No Heaven


  1. No Heaven indeed…the stuff done in the name of religion is great ..thinking about churches and cathedrals but that does nothing to atone for the appalling harm done in so many ways…wars, indoctrination, child abuse and the like. Wishing you , though! all the best for the coming year. xx

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    1. They’ve built wonderful building on the blood of man an in the name of a god, whom never walked this earth or anywhere for that matter…

      Yet, in this day an age, they still fight for their lies.. Even i still light a candle for my grandmother, when i know all to well there is no god!

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