Window & Door



behind those windows

peace and tranquility

just what i need

right now and forever

a room of solitude

but to reach it

the mind needs to rip apart

all thorns and fences


focus on the roses




Behind the door

life throughout,

of torment an pain,


for three little children

as life they do, regain!


A struggle of time

memories trapped

deep inside our minds.

White mountains

distant snow capped…


Human life resilient,

to unforgiven

angry an emotions…

Has bread brilliance…


An honest vision

planted within our minds..

A giant step for man,

echoes of silence

are now felt

throughout all the land..


A belief or fantasy


turning to true

an honest reality…

This piece inspired by;

a writerphoto:

Is my gold there in Fort Knox?  Yes!


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