Two Years & Ancient Echo

Two Years

Words shoot across the wind like lovers’ darts,

so many left to say, unsaid,

while in the sky the stars look down on empty worlds

and listen to the echo of a song.

This turning planet once was blue,

turning grey as ashes fall;

there is nothing we can do,

and nothing will ever be the same again.

Listen for the rhythm in the air,

the beating wings of ghostly swans,

carrying the soul of music to the stars

and dance.

This piece written by;

Ancient Echo

An ancient dream

travelling time, ambles

throughout various

creative minds..

An unfeared power

by what once was

human, gambled on

one soul an humanality..

As destruction of all types

rained about thee..

A collective was born

through children..  Listen quietly,

you could still hear, the echo

of their whispers, today..

Saving mankind, an helping

Mrs. Nature, to live

another day…

Written by myself!


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