Scarlet Sea

Flying away

perch upon

the magick


of my dragon..


Placing distance

between us and society..

Across the scarlet sea


to be alone!  Within

whom, lies next to me..


Playing lustfully

in each others minds..

The day breaks…

Stars fill the sky..


Their reflection

twinkling brightly

upon your face..

In a moment

of emotion,

a salty tear leaves,

to dribbles down

without a trace…


A lifetime of promise

an the breath

of lov,

telling truth

as we’re elegantly,

honestly, mate like



As i whisper my dreams

lying next to you..

About those kind

dreaming angels waltzing

throughout our heads..


They’ve now imprinted

a burning desire

to never,


leave this bed…

Scarlet Sea

Scarlet Sea


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