A Lesson Learned – Honest Lesson


A Lesson Learned

Maybe it was wrong of me to trust you at your word. Maybe I should have taken more time and read between the lines instead of focusing on the way they sounded coming from your lips. Maybe then it wouldn’t hurt this much, knowing how wrong I was to trust you. Maybe, just maybe, one day you’ll have a taste of your own medicine and understand what it means to have your heart thrown back in your face. Maybe then you’ll see how much destruction you’ve left in your wake. Or, maybe you’ll never see the monster that looks back at you in the mirror. Either way, I know better now. I just hope the next one doesn’t fall for your tricks so easily.

This piece written by;

Sarah Doughty

Honest Lesson

Honest Lesson

With all out




hard learned



A murmured story

in lies

as read between

my thoughts…

To be spoken,

an walkin in all my



These enchanting lies

to paint over disgust

charmed skies

to be filled

elegant pleasure

within your

demise …


Everyday i’m reminded

of thee loving


Living my way, tis a crime?

Let thee, please

reflect in my own

corrupt sick harmony

an longevity…


A lesson learn

honest lives to burn

within a hope an prayer

will she accept me

for whom i am

in truthful loving return..

This piece written by;

chris jensen

Kind of like a muse

of the piece written by;

Sarah Doughty


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