toad knows,



Dancing through the window painting a dream..  River floating ice scream.. Desperate to find time within the storming waves, of are mysterious…  Bag flailing, twisted shoe lacy rhythmical soft inner dream….


Kicked out of tim horton,  all i wanted to do was write a little poetry, hidden measure, cruising treasure, life of leisure…  Mystic mister meaner, golden enemy buying me a coffee this morning…


Free flowing drifting time, i can never really understand, what’s twisted an moving within time…  Magick of life understand the movement in time…


Laughter whisper wish, a dream comes true…  A new beginning of Daughter father time..


Quick Blink, slow shy wink, i will place a kiss upon you most beautiful behind…


Love Dad

chris jensen-11-2018-04-16 at 7

The post is late,

by a day or maybe more!

Twisted mind, euphoric dream…  A daughter an i living a fantasy dream..

As the children chanted, all we all we are, all we all we are…..

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