toad explores

the improper use of prayer, by organized religion.


Dancing throughout a dream, interesting as i wage war against, god an organized religion…


As they use prayer improperly, always attacking, me where i’m weakest..  i had thought that i was winning over prayer, however, innocent people are getting hurt!  This i must learn to let go…

And see them, only as casualties of war…


You see the church is getting dirtier as the war escalates, using innocent people, and today i am afraid that i had beaten the fuck out of a couple this morning!  Which now when i think back at that action, is prayer still affect my decision indirectly, sadly i would need to be honest, an say, yes! Now for the hard part, as i said above they are only casualties of war…  Be grateful i used this term, an not families term… As we all know, how you hate when i mention them…


Special Note;


Earth an those upon this blue planet, have been holding me back!  As i have been toad by the one an same creature, you buried alive under a building in the west end…


toad explores

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