Through Wilderness

i now do wake,

in the early mornings



a quiet small hope

it’s all gone…


A hidden war

fought by only

those of us

whom walk

with eyes wide open…

In our humanality

we adore…


The paranormal,

is where!


i only have felt

the truth of lov

as it all washed

over me…


This secret has been

pressed upon time

longer than any cornerstone

of the dying church..


By those of us

whom, do love life

within our humanity…

Urban Dictionary: Humanality

Jul 2, 2011 – Beastiality is illegal but Humanality is legal. … over on all fours and if the animal wants to fuck you, AND I KNOW IT WILL, this is Humanality!!!

Through Wilderness

Through Wilderness

In reference

to the power of this lov,

old-one a Vampire.


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