Upon setting my trial date,

the toad rod his BMX to court!


Now i was at a stoplight, as a cop car pulls up behind me, light changes, i move on, taking my time, nonetheless, these officers were not having any of this behaviour!  So on go the lights and siren, now i have not committed any crime beside not wearing a helmet, but i never do! So i decided to play a game, that the crows play, called chase, well the officers would say different, but i had them beat, not only once, but twice, before i went to the drivers door to give myself up, for a bogus charge, (i think it was not keeping the peace an also breaching me) so slam down to the pavement i go with an officer on top of me, an not nicely either…  Since i was in handcuffs, i had no choice, but jump through the hoops, until the handcuffs came off… To make a long story short, i agreed… But after all the threat of jail…

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad, darkprince

i would like to comment,

i left about twenty minutes to nine-o-clock


again it was twenty minutes to nine,

when they uncuffed me?


What the fuck is that?

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