Power, Gold an Gift

Power, gold and or gift

is not an easy game

first those already in power

which have money are the

most threatened….


Troubling people

with power

some inherited,

others many earn…


But what of those

whom?  Where chosen

by inhuman creatures…


Setting our learning,

throughout those which are

close, which in truth are gaining

in one way or another…


i myself never asked

for these gifts…  They were dropped

on me after many years, in end i was



For myself…  I’ve gone through

countless battles with gangs,

cops an government people whom

have killing my blood family…  An or

anybody that ever gets close,

by them losting their jobs an having

to move, just for helping me..


Picture this moving about life

just doing nothing special, an

having somebody shooting at

you mostly every day.  Then

there are those which, like to take

advantage, in one way or another…

Not being able have people get

close to because somebody

innocent would get hurt, or killed…


Then there are those that throw

piss on you, spray whatever, an or

dress you weird, and empty your

bank account, whenever they

get the chance…


Now look at this way, how do

i hand this gifts over to somebody

knowing that i could make wrong

choice, creating a bad ending for



chris jensen

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