Something I mailed to Vancouver MLA’s


and the province, sun news papers!

Dirty cops – An Modular Housing

Dirty Cops VPD-120190415_202916 - Edited

Dirty cops – An Modular Housing


New game i’ve thought about making, i would call it, “dicky flicking”…  A psychic gift that it seem i only have, given to me by a non human.. Now you can flick a cops dick or cunt, standing right in front of them, and i’ve never been changed once!  To this date, only two have try to threaten me… Yet, they have the power to keep me out of my own apartment, which is paid for by our brilliant government whom have said that they are helping the homeless get off the street..


Yet here i am!


back on the street for a, two week timeout of modular housing!


Would you say that’s a step in the right direction for a government, whom is trying to get re-elected an or helping the homeless by giving them a home, but kicking them out, for a two week time-out?


Brilliant, i wonder how many think-tanks went into make that decision and the use of taxpayers money?


Dirty cops whom arrested me, these are their badge numbers; 3161


two out of 9 VPD, whom came to arrest me…  Keeping me out of modular housing, which they said is safe…


Safe from whom, the street or those that work in governmental modular housing and those Dirty Cops…


This is how it all started,


i had locked myself out of my room accidentally!  So staff from modular-housing re-made my key-card twice, which still did get me into my room…


Last time i check, i was a grown man, not a child!  To be place in a corner, for acting out against staff!  i would like to see where in our contract where it says that they can keep you out of your own place, paid for by the government for their own mistakes of re-making my door key-card wrongly…


This is only my opinion!  It is not the housing, but the staff whom are placed in-control of said housing are the problem…


Dirty cops – An Modular Housing


Christopher Raymond Jensen April 16, 2019 webcam-toy-photo11

christopher raymond jensen

Birthdate – february 3, 1958

Sin# 715 386 116


This is only my point of view,

the problem with modular housing

is the staff…

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