To lose a homeworld!

To lose

the world of home….

No place to go,

no place to live,

where all families just,

disappears, gone!


Nothing for you to ever give

all life a bust,

death done….


Sad times, for those

sentient being…


Magick, all knowing

all seeing…

Doesn’t matter

ifinn you’re not believing.

you don’t have magick, i do!


Doesn’t take

but, only one thought

by myself…


For it all to

come true!


There is nothing that,

or anything that,

will change that….

You could ever do,

to stop it!  Their

life is now done,

there will be







    1. You are so

      wrong, darling!

      We, or I mean you!

      Are part of the food-chain…

      May your non–existence god help you,

      six times you’ve called

      without answer!


      makes you think

      it will answer now!

      Silence is golden….

      14.5 Billion golden

      Stamped “crjen1958” golden bars Fort Knox


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