Ugly feeling, (broken Safety Chain)

waking up and feeling like you have been drugged!  Yet!  i will probably hear the same answer, “Nobody has been in your room!”


Well last night i went to sleep on the floor, because i’ve gotten rid of my bed…  (After so many years sleeping outside, coming back inside didn’t change the fact that I am used to sleeping on the ground…)


Anyway i woke up feeling like i was drugged!


i bought a safety chain for my door, the kind that only lets the door open just enough to see whom is there…


Well something, that nobody want’s to see!


i didn’t notice this fack, when i went out this evening, however when i came back and tried to place the safety chain back on my door it broken, like somebody came in while i was sleep lastnight…


i can’t wait to hear what kind of lies management has to tell me, while they dance around this fact….  What i will, most likely hear, “Is nobody has been into your room… 

They call that living safe at 2132 Ash Street Vancouver BC Canada…………………..

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