money return

Here i sit,

a drug addict

from the streets of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada…

(Is there an echo, echo echo echo, in here… As i sit broken hearted, paid a dime, an only farted!)

Oooooooooops, just playing around, hA hA hA…………

i bought a lock for my apartment door (Because i didn’t feel safe in this building), i am talking about Modular Housing, run and owned by the government….

Funny because that’s, one of the main reason’s i moved into modular housing, is to feel safe that’s what they promised me, however nowhere in any of their contract does it say i must share any or any part of my gift’s to any other creature and or person in the contract… Which i did sign… Believing was their first and only draft, however if changes where made my sign in null and void..

In all truth, tobe toad, the only reason i move here…

Was to feel safe….. You see those machines don’t understand, what it is, to be able, to feel safe…..

To be trueful, an honest i’ve felt safer just sleeping in the alleys,

anywhere in the lower mainland…,

These machines stink up our city…

Vancouver BC Canada (laugh dot CA)

(Modular Housing 2132 ash street, in a parking lot near

VPD on Cambie, you where those cops, whom lost their damn free-will… have an office…

((How can you be a cop without your free-will)…

Kind of embarrassing.. Won’t you think….

This post is really about not getting my money back for a lock, which was remove without my permission, by one of the staff members, whom was probably only follow orders from management…

A lock, in-which did i feel safe behind…….

Fuck You Machine….

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