??? Media ???

??? Media ??? Any type of media, i believe is now, in question! 1. You cannot trust the faces you’re … More

Cop an Social Worker

I just had a visit by an officer (badge number 3236) and a social worker about an argument with another … More


Spongebob comedy animated… SquarePants aquatic friends, fictional underwater city unrealistic character? Within a childhood mind it all depends… Because all … More

Social Crime

Double, uncontrollable trouble! Drifting minds throughout drifting times an those socially created crimes…

Mad Hatter

Death an those damned or birth within their still life… Double edged dull knife…. Never better splitter splatter all life … More


Killer rose dead flowers sunny rain as the northwind blows… Breath of life, cutting knife whispering night…. As in our … More


Machines are stupid stupid stupid stupid machines are stupid… What part don’t U understand machines the part where you’re stupid … More