DancingStairsDownswing (Springs by janedougherty.wordpress.com)

Bed springs ping

as I spring out of bed,

fling the window wide,

let in the air,

brimming with fluttering wings.

Listen to blackbird sing,

bringing morning to the hedge.

Sling on any old thing,

greet the day

with a spring in my step.

Written by https://janedougherty.wordpress.com


Swing… Slipping

on sparkling bling..

Dancing stairs, downswing

accumulating, acquiring


soft rainbow sunshine brightness

within a honest,

heavenly likeness…

Wellspring gift

of Mrs. Nature’s assembling..

The balancing of a day

you lov, too bring…

Written by myself!




My morning listen music by

Michael Jackson LiVE Munich 1997

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