Exterior / Surfaces


Over an under

External comfortable

Where our lovin starts


Written by

chris jensen



Above and below

superficially apart

Always together

Written by



Death of Church (Haiku)

pope, conquer every

human nationalities

peoples religion…


gifted drug addict

creatively tears it down!

church must harshly die…

Death of Church

Death of Church-666

Lov Story

In our rhythming rhyme

measuring soft test of lov

travelling through time…


We’re now cuddling spoons

elegantly kissing too

i’m in love with you….


Am i to forward

i truly apologise

please will you accept?

Lov Story

Lov Story

Lov Story

Nella nostra rima ritmata
misurazione test morbido di lov
Viaggiare nel tempo…

Ora stiamo cucinando cucchiai
baciare elegantemente anche
Sono innamorato di te….

Devo andare avanti
mi scuso davvero
per favore accetterete?