SoftAnsweringDream (Red Balloon by

Red Balloon


Lonely child dreams

of fat trout streams

and wild moonbeams.

In his hand, the string

tight holds, stars sing,

in the night sky ring

the songs of spring.

Balloon pulls high,

with birds into the sky,

he laughs, he can fly,

will never die.


Clutch the string tight,

like the moon in the night,

balloon in its flight,

absorbs the pale light,

red glow turns white.


Cast wide your dreams,

let flow the sunbeams,

that fall in bright streams,

burst at the seams,

with life the earth teams.



Those hidden creative dreams,

flowing into childlike streams…

As evolved rainbow, sunbeams!

Now collectively, softly intertwine.

The storm of brilliance…  A wavy design..

All done by creative, one eye blind…

Bubbles of laughter, empty lough,

midnight madness, mysterious toe…

Silver ship, hidden future, we all know..




Red Balloon written by