A treasure of

mystery an lov

soft souls

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Cracking Your Armor

A wisdom child…

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

You headstrong princess.

You stubborn warrior, hard and fierce.

No one told you about the day

when it would all come crumbling down

and you would lie there softened.

No one warned you about the day

your wouldn’t be able to stop

the cracking of your own armor,

that you would fall hard

and be covered in your own pieces.

No one prepared you for this day,

when you would come face to face

with the biggest battle of your life

and the war staring back at you

would be your own eyes.

Well, I am telling you now,

it’s not a fight you can look away from,

but try as you might,

the war of yourself is the toughest one

you will ever look in the eyes.

So look long and look hard.

This is the one that matters,

the one you cannot runaway from.

This is you


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Who Knew


a fulfillment,

no lie


blood contract,





Here’s spittin in

your eye…


Human cattle

selective breeding

mermaids breath…


already given me

that test…


Move aside

there’s a revolution

you can’t hide..


Creative childlike

whispering waves

we’ve open

our flood gates



revolutionary dike…


Let me ask,

how do you sleep


at night?



i’m not given up

the fight!


Who Knew

Who Knew