Damned Emotions

Living opposing touch

harmoniously erotic,

dreams of running passion.

Sexual storm flowing

into zones of chaoticness.


A romantic burning lust

of exotic fires flows

throughout our souls..

Beneficial friends we entrust

tell me is this love?

Damned emotions i don’t


i have no idea what

inspired me

into writing this piece?

Another bonus

Image Video,


Aladdin Sane, David Bowie.


      1. i’ve been making Image Videos using his music, i had no idea that he wrote so many songs..

        David definitely has his own style, you can almost hear it in every song..

        Sweet kisses chris


      2. Yes, style that seemingly changed over the year, but really I’m not sure it dit. Just evolved to mastery. He recorded lots and then there are the songs he made for other artists and collobrations with others. And then the paintings and other art. All over great artist!

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      3. I don’t know why I used the word evolved. Well, it descripes it in a slower mode than development does. I quess. Humans? We don’t start evolving truly until we get older. And only if we let us to do so.

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