Hidden Light

Best place to be,


an talking

damn free…


Running crack ass


one, two

or maybe three

at a time…



the infinite well

of childlike creativity.

Walking stars

soaring mars


all life’s hidden


This piece inspired


a little fun loving

bantering back an forth

with another blogger;


all in fun!


    1. i don’t ask because it’s out on the net, ifinn you fear what you put out or whom is reading or stealing than best not use your computer, phone or whatever you’re using to access the net…

      Probably i would be guessing, i was on the net before you were even born!


      1. So since you’re old, it’s ok to link drop and make false associations with other bloggers. That’s great, dude. You can pay people to get people to come to your blog, it’s a more honest way.


      2. Why would i want to pay people..
        i place my martial, into wordpress for my own enjoyment..

        Has nothing to do with count, because wordpress lies, i seen 3000 hits, on wordpress then go where else i send my poetry an see 160,000 hits…


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