Child Lodestar

Magical spindrift


flowing within

those hidden waves,

about my childlike mind..


As i’m witness too;


Quietly hidden

deep within society..

A young child lodestar

whom guides us

throughout humanities

sorted calamities..


As we’ve been

torn between soft agapee,

angelick love..

This childlike dove,

one of god’s descending gift’s

from the far reaches

of heaven above!

This piece inspired


a blog i follow,

where we were discussing a couple of words,

i’ve just now learned “spindrift & lodestar“…

(i hope that i used these two new words correctly)

Bonus Image Video


Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me (Live), David Bowie


    1. Sometimes, seems like a lot of work..

      i’ve had two other blogs, after sometime deleted them with all the poems an images..

      Maybe a couple of thousand poems an images..


    2. Funny blogging start from a person believing that i won’t last a year, just posting stupid shit i found in the alleys digging in the garbage..

      Now been blogging for a few years…


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