Dog Shit Park

Once upon a time

what seem like

long, long ago…


Swarms of children

invaded our parks

green flow beauty..

Ifinn you could

imagine so…

Surprisingly some parks have become,

heritage landmarks…


As a confused child

i found refuge,

in nature’s,

honest loving beauty..

All while,

my emotional life

turn like

a storming, abusive centrifuge..


These parks

now lost an void

for most children

throughout daylight

until terrifying dark..


Sadly an shamefully,

these parks

have now become;

Dog Shit Parks

This piece inspired

with a hope

an a dream,

that someday

children will once again


our parks..

Nonetheless, dog owners,

always looking for anothers piece of grass

for their dog to shit on

will remain!

(Just watch the dog owners, they leave after do has done it’s duty)

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