A young boy

ran away from home…

Life now,

a struggling joy

wandering the streets

through the days

he quietly roamed…

Met a girl

now a women,

mother of their daughter..

Ending within

a bitter resentment

an a whole lot

of anger..

There is no fault

only of a man

struggling boy…

Trapped in addiction

wandering the streets in homelessness


found a door, which leads

to happiness

contentment an joy…

Anyway, this sidetracked

childlike soul..

Stopped in

on that old looking mother..

To ask a favour,

in returned by a look

of why bother..

Throughout the boy’s

creative imagination

he lost his sister’s


You can dress up the man,

childlike boy…

But, you can’t take him


This piece inspired


that brief moment

with the look on the old mothers face

when this childlike man

showed up where

she worked

for that number!

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