There are stars (Ring of Silver Ships)

There are stars…


Extreme star cluster bursts into life in new Hubble image


There are stars beyond the stars we see,

And boundless are the paths they dance,

Through forests full of winking eyes,

Reflecting sunsets on the moon.

There are stars beneath the stars that shine,

Reflections of an inner sun,

Where firebirds rise from the ash,

In your deep eyes that search for mine.

Could I reach up with outstretched hand,

And pluck a brilliant from the crown,

A diamond strung from topmost branch

Of the world tree’s canopy,

I’d set it in your hair, to light

The darkness in the coming night.


Dancing through the heaven sea

reflections of brilliant light..

A star filled path of human destiny

as the silver ships takes flight..


In a gifted creation, childlike storm

playing into space, an infinite delight

the birth of human life, as a star is born…


Tis in a quackening, an wink of one eye

the lose of one in the ring of silver ships

one human went back, lost…  A time crime…

written by myself

chris jensen (

Ring of Silver Ships

Silver Ship


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